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Sign-Up Process
What types of accounts does Keystone currently handle?

We offer individual, joint, corporate, LLC, partnership, trust and custodial accounts.  We currently do not offer retirement or foreign accounts.

How can I setup an account to trade digital securities?

You will need to go to our online application page and complete the new account application.  The online page can be found at APPLY FOR ACCOUNT.

How old do I have to be to open an account at Keystone?

You have to be 18 or older to open an account at Keystone.

Do I have to open separate accounts to trade traditional and digital securities?

Yes, at this time you will have to open separate accounts to hold digital and traditional securities.

Account Management
How can I change my address?

Contact customer support for a change of address form here – Customer Support

How can I request money to be sent out?

Contact customer support to request funds – Customer Support

What are the various fees on my account?

An account fee schedule can be fount here: Account fees

Digital Securities
Can I short or margin my digital stock?

No, digital securities are not eligible to margin or short.

Will there be an active trading market for the digital securities?

We think it is unlikely that there initially will be an active trading market.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a data structure that makes it possible to create a digital ledger of transactions and share it among a distributed network of computers.  The term blockchain comes from the fact that data is recorded in blocks where each block refers to the block that came before it.  Once a block is recorded it is extremely difficult to alter it or remove it from the chain.

If I purchase shares of digital securities will I be able to transfer them to another broker dealer?

No. Trading in digital securities will be restricted to persons who open and maintain the required online brokerage account with Keystone.

Whom should I contact if I have other questions?

If you have other questions or need assistance, please contact Keystone support at [email protected]

Who is eligible to purchase digital securities?

To open an account to hold digital shares you must be a United States citizen with a United States address; or a United States permanent resident alien who has maintained a residence in the United States for a minimum of one year and possesses a valid U.S. Social Security number; or a corporation, partnership or limited liability company formed under the laws of the United States or any state and that has a physical address in the United States; or a trust, all of the trustees of which would qualify to purchase Series A Preferred on their own behalf, and which has a physical address in the United States.

What are the procedures for partial redemptions?

If the digital security preferred stock is subject to a partial redemption by the issuer, the issuer will notify the redemption agent (sometimes referred to as a transfer agent) of the number of shares to be redeemed. The redemption agent will implement the redemption so as to give effect to the clearing firm’s policy (FINRA Rule 4340), which will be publicly available on the clearing firm’s website.

What documentation should I expect from the transfer agent related to the rights offering where I elected to receive digital securities?

You will receive statements from the transfer agent whenever there is share activity in your account including the initial allocation.  Two statements will be generated: the first statement is generated at the time of the allocation and will show in the transaction description column “Subscription Allocation” and the second statement is generated whenever there is share activity in the account and will show in the transaction description column “Share Credit/Debit”.

How can I trade my digital securities?

You will need to login to trade your digital securities. You can log into your digital account by clicking the following link.  CLIENT LOGIN

How can I trade traditional securities?

You can either call our trading desk at 858-800-4920 or request a trading platform at Trading.

Can I open a day trading account at Keystone?

Yes, contact trading to open day trading account.

What are the costs to trade at Keystone?

Keystone trading fees can be found here: Trading Fees

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